228 Miles

it's only 228 miles south,

from this neighborhood just west of US1

to where the Malecón hugs Havana Bay;

waves of gentrification flow towards

the sunset, but never ripple far enough down

to catch the guarachas or mambas;

still, firmly rooted here,

on this block,

that is every bit American as it is Venezuelan,

Haitian or Brazilian,

are apostól Marti's forlorn spectres,

crushed by Castro, Batista, Guevara

and Eisenhower,

all anti-imperialists turned imperialists,

submerged deep by roots

on sea-level bogs

soon to be washed over

by rising tides


On the Road

I’m excited about this blog. Ronaldo is one of those friends you can do anything and go anywhere with never experience a dull moment. I think, for me, this will be a great place to not only share our experiences and travels, but to also chronicle and record our adventures.

In the spirit of Kerouac, as we go on the road we hope to find beauty in everything, wisdom in everyone, and chaos in the common. Stay tuned...


I'm taking a ride with my best friend...


Jim and I are best friends. Our motto is: enjoy life with your friends because they are your chosen family!  And one of the best things to do with them is to hit the road!

We have been doing some traveling together, although we live some miles apart. He lives in New York, USA. I live in São Paulo, Brasil. Still we can manage taking trips here and there.

We’ve always been talking about doing something creative together. He writes, I photograph, so, why not? And that’s how this project was born.